Sultan Abdulhamid's Exile: Whispers of Loyalty in the Abandoned Yıldız Palace

Step into the mysterious tale of "Whispers of Loyalty in the Abandoned Palace," where the echoes of a bygone era resurface after Sultan Abdulhamid II's exile to Thessaloniki. A political delegation and a group of soldiers, exploring the desolate Yıldız Palace, stumble upon an enigmatic room resonating with peculiar sounds. As they unravel the secrets within, remnants of a guard unit sworn to protect the Sultan until the end emerge, raising questions of loyalty, rebellion, and the unexpected occupants – a flock of hungry parrots, repeating an allegiance long lost in the palace's deserted halls. This captivating narrative unfolds a unique blend of history, mystery, and unexpected twists within the walls of a once-grand palace.

2/12/20242 min read

a white bird with a yellow mohawk standing in the sand
a white bird with a yellow mohawk standing in the sand

After Sultan Abdulhamid II was sent into exile in Thessaloniki, a few days later, a political delegation and a group of soldiers, while exploring every abandoned corner of the Yıldız Palace, noticed strange sounds emanating from a room. The palace, emptied and sealed, echoed with eerie noises - who could still be lingering in a palace that once teemed with life? Bewildered, they looked at each other. When they knocked on the door and inquired, "Who is there?" they were startled by cries of "Long live the Sultan!" echoing from the room. Could there be remnants of the guard unit that had sworn to protect the Sultan until their last breath? Perhaps this unit would attempt to preserve the honor of their former masters with a final suicidal attack, showcasing their rebellious spirit before their demise.

One from the delegation shouted, "Who are you?" and from inside, the chants of "Long live the Sultan!" rose again. "Surrender!" they demanded, yet the same slogan persisted. "Long live the Sultan, Long live the Sultan!"

"There is no way out from here, gather your senses, do not harm yourselves. Your Sultan is no more; those days are gone, no one can protect you anymore," they pleaded in countless languages, but it was in vain. The same slogan continued incessantly from inside. However, there was a peculiar detail that caught their attention in this affair. The voices of the shouters were strange; it wasn't a woman's voice, nor was it a man's voice. Could those producing these sounds be eunuchs, like Cevher?

Finally, the exasperated members of the prestigious delegation retreated to a secure location, securing their lives, and ordered the soldiers to break down the door and enter. They planned to arrest everyone inside, and if anyone resisted, they would open fire. The soldiers, who did not question the orders of their superiors, swiftly loaded their weapons with fervent cries of "Allah Allah" and toppled the door in an instant. At that moment, both the delegation and the soldiers experienced the greatest astonishment of their lives.

Inside, there were numerous parrots, visibly affected by hunger, moving from one place to another. Just as they had been taught, they incessantly cried out, "Long live the Sultan!"

The president of the delegation, now slightly calmed by the astonishment, remarked, "Well..." and said, "Let them disperse. The common people are no wiser than these birds."